5 Times Twitch Streamers Made Video Games Massively Popular

Here's five times Twitch streamers made video games massively popular.
Here's five times Twitch streamers made video games massively popular. / Photo courtesy of Innersloth

As 2023 comes to a close, we are taking a look at five times Twitch streamers made video games popular throughout the years.

Twitch streamers have the power to propel unknown or indie games into the spotlight. They can even take already-beloved games and make them even more popular. Thanks to their large audiences, Twitch streamers like TimTheTatman, Tfue, Adin Ross, and more have taken video games to new heights ever since they came onto the scene.

Here's five times Twitch streamers made video games massively popular.

5 Times Twitch Streamers Made Video Games Massively Popular

1. Tfue and Ninja on Fortnite

Fortnite / Epic Games

Fortnite might have been on the rise since the day it dropped, but it did not gain massive mainstream popularity until the legendary rivalry between Ninja and Tfue started brewing. Both streamers blew up in the early days of Fortnite, not just for their great gameplay, but also for their competitive back-and-forth.

Soon, fans from all over the world were tuning into Fortnite Fridays just to see the two in action. Tfue and Ninja's legacies on Fortnite were even further cemented when their streams once again blew up during Fortnite OG.

2. TimTheTatman on Fall Guys

Fall Guys
Fall Guys / Mediatonic

Whether you were an avid TimTheTatman viewer or not, you more than likely tuned in to see him struggling on Fall Guys. The game reached viral-levels of popularity as what felt like the entire world waited for Tim to secure his first ever win.

When Tim finally got the win, the official Fall Guys X account even posted, "WE JUST WITNESSED ONE OF THE BIGGEST GAMING MOMENTS OF OUR LIFETIMES." The streamer's week-long quest to win a Fall Guys game encouraged plenty of viewers to try out the new title and see for themselves just how hard (or easy) it was to play.

3. Dr DisRespect on Only Up!

Only Up!
Only Up! / SCKR Games

Even though it felt like all the popular streamers started playing Only Up! at the same time, Dr DisRespect's clips are what made the game go viral. The game's frustrating nature of climbing a never-ending parkour course drew the attention of gamers everywhere as they spent hours trying to beat the indie game. In just one YouTube video covering his gameplay, the streamer garnered over 1.2 million views.

4. Trainwreckstv on Among Us

Among Us
Among Us / Photo courtesy of Innersloth

if you were not playing Among Us during the pandemic, then you were missing out. The online multiplayer game challenged groups of friends to figure out who the traitor was in their lobby. Games full of deceit, pointing fingers, and shady activities created an addicting play style that quickly caught on.

Of all the streamers to try Among Us, Trainwreckstv truly took the game to new heights. Every night, the streamer would have a lobby full of new people ready to lie for hours on end. He even won the first ever Among Us Twitch Rivals tournament.

5. Adin Ross on GTA 5

GTA 5 / Rockstar Games

Obviously, GTA 5 was already massively popular before Adin Ross entered the scene, but the game received new life thanks to the streamer's quick rise to fame. His role-playing server garnered hundreds of thousands of views to his streams that then translated to players on GTA 5.

Suddenly, a new demographic of kids who were probably too young to play the game when it first dropped in 2013 ran to explore everything San Andreas had to offer.