5 Tips for Playing Pearl in Valorant

Courtesy of Riot Games

Pearl has been out for a couple of weeks which means it will be added to the competitive map pool in the next patch. Here are five tips to help your gameplay the next time you get the newest Valorant map, Pearl.

5 Tips to Playing Pearl in Valorant

1. Learn the Callouts

When a new map is released, it takes time to learn the callouts for the map. Since Pearl is on the bigger side, it can be challenging to know all callouts, but it's essential to be aware of what's going on. Watch this video to learn all about the map Pearl and how to navigate it.

2. Smokes are Your Friend

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Taking site is essential to defend or to stop the attackers from entering. Learning how to properly smoke areas will be beneficial for your team to take or hold site. Remember to smoke Tunnel, Tower, B Link, and one side of Hall when attacking B site.

3. Attacker Tips

Image courtesy of Riot Games

To enter any Pearl site, you must use your utility or bait a teammate to duels. Use your controllers to smoke off the enemies from retaking site. A Sage wall or Cypher's traps will give you information about the enemy's location. Because Pearl is a big map, take as much space as possible when holding the site, or else it can be easy for the enemy team to retake.

4. Defender Tips

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Pearl is an attacker-sided map because of the easy access through mid. Taking control of mid as a defender is critical to taking control of any site. Given Pearl's size, it's safer to play default (two players on each site and one mid). After receiving intel, the rest of the teammates can rotate over or retake the site.

5. Choose the Right Agent!

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Last but not least, choosing the right Agents can help you take control of site. Like previously mentioned, having a controller in your team will help you take or defend. Having Chamber or Cypher may also help you with having insight on such a large map.

Next time you play the map Pearl, take into consideration these five tips to help you get a win. Good luck!