PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS' final moments are the most intense in the game. The threat of other nearby players you can't yet see is incredibly nerve-wracking, but there are strategies you can use to improve your odds of survival. Here are five tips for surviving the final moments of a PUBG game.

1. Clear Your Flanks

When you first enter a late game circle, it's vital to make sure no players are approaching behind you. Best case scenario, you're looking to close off any way enemies catch you off-guard.

2. Stay Low

In late stage PUBG, being seen or heard can make you a lightning rod for enemy activity. Until you have some sense of where your opponents are, try to avoid drawing attention to yourself.

3. Max Out Boost

Even if you haven't taken damage, if you've got the meds to spend then it can be useful to pump your boost up to 100. This will give you passive healing if you do get shot, and it will make repositioning that much safer because of the speed bonus that boost provides.

4. Take the High Ground

Whenever feasible, try to command the relevant high ground. High ground lets you gain more information about the arena in which you're fighting. It also gives you an advantage when it comes to picking up headshots.

5. Vulture Kills

Keep an eye out for other fights taking place in the circle and approach with cautious optimism. Catching two opponents in a fight can be a prime opportunity to kill the victor before they regain their bearings, taking you that much closer to a win.

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Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp