5 Tips for Winning PUBG Xbox

Winning in PUBG on the Xbox takes patience and skill. The PUBG Xbox version isn't as precise as PC and is slightly behind when it comes to updates, but it's still a masterclass to play during the end of the game.

Here are five tips for winning a PUBG Xbox match and earning a chicken dinner.

5. Don't Loot for Too Long

People. Stop looting for hours. Position and gaining ground on the circle is important and you want to have a favorable spot compared to always running into the circle late because you are looting like a goblin.

4. Loot Quickly and Efficiently

This one is basically tied in with the previous ones, but you need to loot quickly. If you call yourself a good PUBG player, then you can loot like lightning and know which stuff to leave. The worst PUBG players meander between rooms and pickup everything they see. Don't be like Carl.

3. Ditch the Vehicle Toward the End

This is a personal preference of mine, but you want to ditch the sound machine toward the end of the game. Yeah, you have a chance to kill people with the vehicle and cheese your way to victory, but most players are talented enough now that they can destroy a vehicle quickly. It's a death a trap.

2. Don't Expose Your Position

Look if you want kills, land hot and chase bullet sounds. If you want to win, play it smart and listen for your opponents to expose themselves. If you see an enemy, don't immediately shoot unless you know where the other enemies are or where you can fallback to if things go poorly.

1. Trust Your Shot

After all is said and done, you are only going to win if you win a gun duel. That's where you need to believe in yourself. Visualize yourself winning the duel and trust your skill. It's got you this far and it won't let you down. Unless you suck and you potato hard and end up losing. Then it failed you.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp