5 Tips to Become an Absolute Monster at PUBG

Five tips to master PUBG and become an absolute monster.
Five tips to master PUBG and become an absolute monster. /

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is a brutal game, by definition letting only 1% of all players experience the thrill of victory. If you're looking to join that 1%, follow these tips and you'll find yourself at the top of the pile in no time.

1. Avoid Hotly Contested Drop Areas

It’s always tempting to land in the areas of the map that contain the most powerful loot. Whenever you can, resist that siren song. Landing in those hot zones might mean walking away with great loot, but it just as often means instant death or, just as bad, a protracted fight that uses up all the loot you would have earned anyway. The drops are rarely worth the risk.

2. Seek Out Ongoing Conflict

When you hear shots in the distance, investigate cautiously. The best case scenario here is to find two players going at it, then ambush the winner while they’re weak. This kind of opportunism can be a huge boon if your loot is suboptimal. Just be careful you don’t get ambushed yourself.

3. Play the High Ground

High ground is a massive advantage, giving you vastly improved sight lines and a much easier angle from which to hit headshots and score easy kills. Whenever possible, take the high ground.

4. Know When to Retreat

Not every fight is winnable. If you’re stuck in a drawn out firefight, with your meds and ammo dwindling, it can be tempting to just keep fighting until things are decided one way or the other. Resist this urge. Retreating and repositioning can set you up for a better finish and give you the chance to fight again later on, potentially on more favorable terms.

5. Cross Bridges Early

If the safe zone is on the other side of a bridge, cross as soon as possible. Players will almost always set up on major bridges to punish others who try to cross the choke points. Getting across early means avoiding their bullet spray and can even allow you to take up the position for yourself, if you’re so inclined.

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