5 Tips to Playing Renata Glasc in League of Legends

Image courtesy of Riot Games

We've put together a list of five tips to playing Renata Glasc in League of Legends.

Known as the Chem-Baroness, this support champion was first introduced with the release of Patch 12.4. Here are five tips to playing Renata Glasc for players heading into Summoner's Rift to use her dangerous and unique abilities to dominate in the bot lane.

5 Tips to Playing Renata Glasc in League of Legends

1. Engaging in Team Fights

Renata Glasc is a champion that can easily turn the tides of a team fight if done well. With her R ability called Hostile Takeover, she sends out a cloud of chemical that makes the enemy go Berserk. This increases their attack speed and causes them to basic attack nearby champions, including allies. If players are losing the team fight, Renata Glasc can be a hidden card that could use her crowd control ability to help secure the win.

2. Good Match-Ups in Duo Bot Lane

With her particular abilities, gamers will find that the vicious Chem-Baroness has great synergy with AD Carry champions such as Jinx, Caitlyn, or Zeri. Although she will do well with other champions, players should look to find champions that will benefit the most from her movement and attack speed buffs.

3. Long Cooldowns

Every champion has their weaknesses and Renata's is her long cooldowns. In order to use her abilities in the most efficient way possible, her Bailout (W) should not be used in small encounters with the enemy team. Additionally, a good tip to keep in mind is to get close to the enemy before using her Handshake (Q) to ensure that landing this ability is not a challenge.

4. Potential Revival of Ally

Renata Glasc is a terrifying force to reckon with because of her Bailout (W). This ability enables her to grant her ally more attack and movement speed toward the enemy team. If the teammate kills the enemy, the buff duration is reset. But, if her allied champion dies while the ability is still in effect, they are revived with 3 seconds of burning health. If the ally is able to get a takedown, the burn stops. Using this champion's ability, gamers should recognize that she is reliant on allies to do the damage.

5. Be Careful Before Fights

Thanks to her strong abilities that help her allied champions in team fights through buffs and boosts, players should be wary of getting picked off before the fight even begins. By being extra careful during rotations, Renata Glasc should be a fantastic pick for fans looking to play a new support champion.