5 Tweaks That Would Make Overwatch Better

Overwatch is already a great game. On that, most of us can agree—especially since we've already sacrificed so many hours to the gods over at Blizzard Entertainment. However, no matter how awesome a title is, there's always a few things that could be changed or added to make the whole experience a bit more worthwhile.

Here's five minor changes that could make Overwatch even better.

5 Tweaks That Would Make Overwatch Better

1. More Lore Expansion

Lore doesn't matter to everyone, but to the select few who care about it, lore is absolutely critical. What drives heroes to do their work day in and day out, who they don't like, who they live, and the events that transpired around them can be key points to a lot of players. There are still several heroes who could use a lot more lore background to them. Why not?

2. Delay Ultimate Charge

Adding more effort required to reach an ultimate charge would keep the game from being all about trading nanos and meteors. It would make older players have to consider where to pop their ultimate abilities and keep themselves around without them while also proving newer players with a chance to learn the mechanics first and then learn about ultimates later in the game.

3. More Stages

This can go hand-in-hand with more lore. Does anyone get tired of playing the same stages over and over? It feels a bit monotonous to push through Anubis three times on a good day. New stages means new challenge, new places to explore and new strategies to develop. It adds an extra layer of challenge without messing with the heroes.

4. All Heroes Have No Skill-Ceiling

It could be argued that this already exists, but there's still a good handful of heroes for which this isn't the case. We've seen Blizzard push for this in the Overwatch Remaster and it's something that definitely has merit. A change like this could be meta breaking, but could also be exactly what the game needs to force players out of their comfort zone.

5. Increase Incentives for Trying Something New

It's easy to get caught in the same role all the time. After all, it's comfortable, and once you learn the ropes of a hero their kit becomes easy to manage. This is fine for most players, but what about those who want to be challenged? What will give them that extra push? With the addition of role queue, Overwatch now tracks the different roles you play. Why not get a loot box for five matches as a support instead of damage or some credits for playing Sombra instead of Tracer? We have the technology and it wouldn't hurt to ask players to make a worthy reach.

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment