5 Ways to Transform Into a Better PUBG Player

Here are five ways to transform into a better PUBG player.
Here are five ways to transform into a better PUBG player. /

Being a great PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS player takes a lot of work, but by following the right steps and implementing the right mindset, almost anyone can make it happen. Here are five ways to transform into a better PUBG player.

1. Nail Down Your Mouse Sensitivity

Before even setting foot in PUBG, it's absolutely crucial that your mouse sensitivity be perfect. Mouse sensitivity, and how used to yours you are, will affect your ability to track moving targets with your gun and your ability to hit flick shots.

2. Use Training Mode

Training Mode can be a valuable resource for practicing almost everything in PUBG, from parachute drops to shooting. Once your sensitivity is settled, head to practice mode and shoot some targets. This will help you grow more acclimated to how your mouse moves in-game.

3. Improve Mental Fortitude, or: Accept Losing

As with getting better at anything, the first step to success is failure. At the beginning of your journey, you may become frustrated with your performances. Try to reframe each game not as a chance to win, but as a chance to improve. Pay attention to the decisions you make — maybe even record your gameplay — and go over your mistakes to eliminate them from your gameplay.

4. Land Hot (for Practice)

Once you're prepared for loss, try landing in contested areas as much as possible. These zones will be the crucible in which your fighting skills are tested. If you lose, you'll be able to get into a new game sooner than if you had waited until the top 20 only to face a loss.

5. Seek Out Fights

When you manage to more consistently make it out of those dangerous drops, keep sharpening your skills by seeking out conflict when you hear it on the map. Mid- and late-game confrontations are different from the early-game scramble, and you'll need to practice these as well.

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