5 Worst Agents in Valorant Patch 3.12

Photo courtesy Riot Games

The five worst agents in Valorant Patch 3.12 are not very hard to find, as many of these characters go unplayed or receive many complaints about their playability in game. Sometimes seeing some of these agents in game can be quite surprising simply because their abilities are not very impressive. But Patch 3.10, with the introduction Chamber, has affected one agent surprisingly more than the others in a significant way.

5 Worst Agents in Valorant Patch 3.12


With the recent Patch 3.10, Chamber has taken over Yoru’s teleportation ability, making it pointless compared to his anchors. As he is simply just not a strong enough agent to be the first, or even second pick for most Valorant players. Since his ultimate seems to harm him more than help, Yoru’s abilities are not the strongest to evade or even distract the enemy.


As one of the first agents that isn’t human, KAY/O provides some disappointing factors, especially as many of his abilities don't cause major disorientation to players or even harm, and that many are able to overcome his abilities. And with his revival ultimate to himself, giving him a last chance with the assistance of his team, in a 1-v-4 clutch, that won’t be beneficial to win the game unlike some of the other agents' ultimates.


Astra requires a bit of attentive mind play when it comes to executing her abilities to be the most efficient in the game, especially when considering that her stars must be placed and activated in order for them to be accurate. This may require too much calculating for most players, since gameplay may become chaotic, and what they predict may not come true.


Rated as one of the worst agents next to Yoru, Brimstone has an ability that is almost never used, creating an increased firing rate for himself and his agents. This sounds nice, but it is overlooked by many. And with the calculated drops of smoke screens, the accuracy and rate of assistance is not all that helpful, needing a particularly skilled player to use Brimstone. Many may opt for a more visual casting of smokescreen instead of viewing it from a map. And his ultimate, a ray of destruction from the sky, isn't very effective, as players of the opposing team will notice their potential death even before it hits, letting them easily evade the attack.


Breach requires a player who is very aware of their surroundings, specifically, when players pass walls. A majority of Breach’s abilities require contact with walls in order for opposing players to feel their effects, and the chance of accurately making that contact is slim. And his ultimate acts as a stun, only slowing down the players but not causing any real damage.