5 Worst Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends Patch 9.23

Preseason continues. Dragons are now the most important objective on the map and bot lane has slowly become the most important lane yet again by association. This means that some games can be decided by a poor bot lane choice. In no particular order, here are a few bot lanes to avoid playing this preseason.


The idea of double stealth bot lane sounds fun, but in practice, these two champions have very little synergy. Pyke likes to snowball early game and has no wave clear, and Twitch likes to farm up and scale and has negative wave clear. Plus, Twitch does so little damage early it'll be extremely hard for Pyke to get an execute off. This is just a bot lane you're better off ignoring.


Vayne and Sona are two late game scaling champions with very poor lane phases. It could be an enticing thought to put them into the same lane, but you'll soon learn that unless the enemy bot lane is a complete pushover, there will be very little you can do as this lane. You will never have lane priority, you will never out damage the opponent, and you will never have fun.However if this lane makes it out of the lane phase, the two will continue to scale extremely well.


A common trend amongst the the lanes being picked for this list is a lack of wave clear. If your lane lacks wave clear, then it might as well not be a lane. No one lacks wave clear like Ezreal and Yuumi. While their poke potential is great, it'll be hard for any of them to land any skillshots if the enemy minion wave is as wide as the lane. It just makes for a poor laning experience that will be very safe, but offer very little for the rest of the map.


Yuumi makes the list again, but for a different reason. This time it's just an anti-synergy that must be pointed out. Kalista's ultimate allows her support to throw themselves at the enemy for a knock up. When you're the squishiest support in the game, sporting the lowest health pool out of any other champion, you can only imagine what it would be like if Yuumi decides to fling herself into the enemy team, even if it's for a second.


Caitlyn and Taric in actuality isn't such a terrible lane, there's just a few anti-synergies at play here. For one, Caitlyn has really long range, making most of Taric's short range kit useless as Caitlyn won't need to use any of it. That and Taric's stun duration is a little short, and Caitlyn won't be able to place a trap until it in time. Speaking of stun, if Caitlyn nets backwards while the stun is prepping, it will miss. This doesn't mean it's terrible, or even the worse lane, but if you're going to play a support with Caitlyn you're better off using a champion that will play off of her strengths, rather than do nothing with them.