Collegiate esports is booming alongside the professional industry, but there just isn't enough coverage at this point.

The Next Level, a company dedicated to the business of esports, has released their Q2 report on collegiate esports, revealing some incredible numbers and news of the industry at the university level.


The newest quarterly report has shown that 40 schools have dedicated funds towards students who pursue esports at the professional level and proves that many are beginning to take notice of the opportunities now available.

The scholarships awarded, in total, reach $4,166,540. That's incredible, but it won't stop there.

TNL projects that there will be as many as 60 schools who will award scholarships by the end of 2017, with a number of other universities setting up organizations and spaces where students can gather and game together.

At the second panel of the Collegiate StarLeague Grand Finals in Toronto, Columbia College President ​Scott Dalrymple portrayed his views on collegiate esports at Columbia, and what direction he feels that it will go.

Based on his remarks, there could be an esports affiliation at every college across the globe, in theory.

With the formation of the National Association for Collegiate Esports, which nearly two-thirds of these universities are a part of, the industry is beginning to receive structure at the collegiate level.

Whether or not they, or another organization, are the NCAA of esports will be decided once more colleges across the US begin to develop their own esports organizations and affiliations.

TNL goes more in depth with how esports on college campuses is influencing the community with diversity and acceptance, so be sure to check out this phenomenal report.