One of the fun parts about Melee is how it gives you the option to do just about anything. Even though most players nowadays just work on movement, combos, and techskill, there are other things to play with.

One thing to do is crazy combos that only TAS should be able to do. Still, TAS only adheres to the boundaries of the game, so if a person's hands are fast enough, they can replicate some of its nuttiness.​

​​And now, Weston "Westballz" Dennis has proven that point exactly by managing to successfully execute a Falco shine bair combo against an opponent starting at 577%.

It's far from easy to shine bair an opponent around 150% to seal off a stock, but doing it at 577% is almost unimaginable. You have to hit them with the bottom part of shine, jump out of shine the first frame possible, and bair immediately.

​​For context, this is the old world record, executed using AR -- the predecessor to TAS. From the looks of it, the old record had an entirely fresh shine (not stale), meaning that it dealt maximum knockback. In contrast, Westballz had a fully staled shine.

Basically, Westballz' way of executing it was more optimized because it slightly decreased how far up they went.

Cue circus music.