We're half-way through the year and the numbers for 2017 Q2 esports TV ratings are in. ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Finals now ranks as the second most watched event on television, beating out Madden, Fifa and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events for the position.


‚ÄčAccording to The Next Level, ELEAGUE SFV Finals was only bested by H1Z1's Fight for the Crown as the top watched title. The numbers provided by Nielsen showed ELEAGUE's SFV Finals peaked at 335,00 total viewers with 183,000 of those in the 18-49 demographic.

It should be noted that Fight for the Crown was broadcast via basic television network CW, which traditionally has more potential for viewership of events. Another surprise for the event was its trumping of the ELEAGUE Major, which had a record setting number of viewers on Twitch.

Regardless of the criticism of SFV, the game's competitive platform is continuing to prove its worth.