​Counter Logic Gaming announced a massive roster change for their CLG Red team today ​on their website, with both Stephanie "missharvey" Harvey and Klaudia "klaudia" Beczkiewicz parting ways with the all-female CS:GO team. 

To fill their places, CLG Red added Jennifer "refinnej" Le and Emma "Emy" Choe as the newest members of the squad. 

​​CLG Red also added a new Head Coach, Cody "cubed" Thaw.

No detailed statements were made regarding the reasons behind why the two players left at the same time, but Klaudia's reasons were "personal to [her]" and "independent of the game, team and competitive environment."

Klaudia and missharvey both made small statements respectively in the announcement:

"After 12 years of being on this team, it is finally time to move on. I am looking forward to my next challenge and excited for the new adventure ahead of me. As my journey continues, I would like to wish CLG and CLG RED the best of luck in their endeavors. Thank you to the CLG family, friends and fans for everything you did for me. So long.”

“Unfortunately, I am no longer a part of the amazing CLG Red, but I am confident this is the best choice for not only myself, but for the girls. I consider all of them really good friends of mine, and I hope they continue practicing and playing how they have been. Good luck CLG Red, thanks for everything, and welcome Jenn and Emy!”

Time will tell how this new CLG Red roster will mesh with the newest additions and where missharvey and Klaudia end up. 

Photo courtesy of slingshotesports