Back in May, Blizzard implemented the "Linear Ramp" option for console players that'll allow them to aim smoothly in comparison to PC players and other popular first person shooters. Unfortunately, since then, various players on the official Blizzard forums have posted complaints that the linear ramp in broken.

The majority of the problems is that the motion of the crosshair does not start at 1% motion, but at 15% motion, affecting crosshair placement. This can be seen better if the player moves the reticle at its slowest speed. The video below is a proper video representation by YouTuber, OverThinkingGames.

In a most recent post, an official Blizzard representative responded to one of the recent posts and said that the Blizzard Engineering team is well aware of the problem and is looking for a way to replicate the problem to fix it.

"Okay just talked with some folks and the engineering team is aware and investigating how to recreate some of what you're experiencing. At present, we're unable to replicate the dead zone behavior that is being reported. One thing of note is that we are having a difficult time recreating this with a standard controller. Please keep your comments to the original thread and we'll continue to check additional reports. Thanks again and sorry for the misunderstanding!"

Of course, bugs that look easy to fix at surface level might be exceedingly difficult in a developers point of view. Now that Blizzard has acknowledged the problem, the development team has a great track record with fixing minor annoyances such as this. All that is needed from us is patience.