6 Best sOAZ Fnatic Plays

Legendary top laner Paul "sOAZ" Boyer has a decorated career, with much of his time spent with Fnatic.

sOAZ returned to Fnatic earlier this year for the Spring Split, and had an immediate impact, helping them reach the Spring Split playoffs finals.

In honor of this return, here are six of his best plays while playing for the European legends.

6. Renekton Escape

A frame perfect flash allowed for sOAZ to cheat death an a near-impossible 1v3.

Despite being in early-game, Renekton is tanky enough to survive Shyvana, Thresh, and Vayne bombarding him with nearly all of their abilities.

It's a miracle he even had the chance to flash.

5. Shyvana Juke

This time playing Shyvana, sOAZ was burned down by the KTB top laner.

After the LeBlanc emerges from her gank, he ults away from the tower, and then immediately flashes back to juke the 1v2. He then stuns LeBlanc just long enough for Lauri "Cyanide" Happonen to secure the kill.

4. Solo Kill on Vayne

He waited to strike on the ADC in the bush by his second-tier turret, but the Vayne was prepared.

In an extremely close 1v1, with all ultimates popped, an outplay causing Vayne to take a turret shot was just enough for sOAZ to escape with under 100 health.

3. Zed Quadra to Clean Up

Zed is the perfect champion to clean up kills for the team, especially when sOAZ is controlling him.

He takes out Zac's passive, and then deletes the Elise trying to save her partner. His ultimate makes short work of the Ezreal, and leaving Lissandra with no defense and no chance against the Zed as sOAZ secures his quadra kill.

2. Lulu Escape

sOAZ made every right decision, and took advantage of some misplays on the enemy team.

He quickly dashes away after getting hit by the Gragas' ultimate as Lee Sin approaches, and despite the early flash by sOAZ, the Lee Sin makes the mistake and kicks him away from the 1v2, allowing for the narrow escape.

1. Jayce Quadra

In this quadra kill, sOAZ simply deletes the enemy champions, hopping on the Jarvan IV first after the Zyra ult, then taking down Malphite shortly after.

After the Nocturne ult, it was just a matter of seconds before he could take out the enemy Miss Fortune and Khazix.

Hopefully, we'll get to see more of these incredible plays from sOAZ and Fnatic throughout this Summer Split.

Clips Courtesy of LSPN, GregoryYoung, & DutchMash