Beyond the Summit has recently released the initial brackets for their upcoming LAN tournament, The Summit 7. Featuring a double elimination format with no group stages, the tournament aims to pit the teams against each other immediately.

Featuring a mix of tier two teams and wildcards who have not seen much main stage play recently, the matchups are a bit uneven in some aspects.

For example, CIS is pit against CIS with the Kiev Major grand finalists going up against the Russian org Team Empire, who have been struggling in minor tournaments over the past few months. 

Team NP has stepped up in the past two months, gaining 2nd and 3rd places after their new roster finalized. Going against LGD Gaming might be a slide for them. 

Team VGJ and Natus Vincere are roughly equal in terms of skill, so it is a toss-up as to who will come on top.

Team Secret are having wavering performances over the past few months, and Digital Chaos are a dark horse ever since the acquisition of Team Onyx. This is another uncertain matchup to play out in the coming days.

As far as finalists are concerned, viewers should definitely consider, Team NP, and Team Secret, especially considering how their brackets will progress.