It's our Overwatch League and we want it now!

​It's a little alarming that it's taken Blizzard this long to get their professional league up and running. 

Though Overwatch has amassed tons of popular support from players and esports organizations alike, the start date for the Overwatch League has yet to be announced. Honestly, we probably shouldn't hear an official date until the end of this year - if that. 

Last we heard, Blizzard was ​charging esports organizations through the nose for a place in their league, which won't help them establish a competitive environment at all. 

While "Blizzard Entertainment" is a big name in the gaming industry, they haven't proven that professional Overwatch is a big deal to deep-pocketed investors yet. Therefore, the traditional sports organizations that they're courting won't want to step in, and the esports organizations of today can't afford to snag a spot. 

Blizzard are also still figuring out how best to broadcast Overwatch. While MOBAs like League of Legends or Dota 2 can be shown with relative ease, Overwatch's complex fighting can quickly become chaotic for even die-hard fans. 

The Overwatch Contenders broadcast showed some growth in that area, but it's still not enough progress to make it seem like Overwatch is ready for the grandest stage.

Blizzard needs to put time into improving their spectator experience, which is already going to push back the league's starting date. 

However, the more pressing concern is finding teams. At best, I'd expect Blizzard to drop the entry fee by the end of the summer and possibly have a full league by the fall. At worst, we won't see the Overwatch League start anytime before 2018.

It's a lose-lose situation for everyone, but with the way the league has been set up, I don't see any other way.