​For the grand finals of Melee at CEO 2017, Justin "Plup" McGrath faced off against Juan "Hungybox" DeBiedma. 

It was the second time the two fought, as they met in winners finals, where Hbox 3-0'd Plup. Plup bounced back from losers, taking out Jeffrey "Axe" Williamson along the way.

Surprisingly, the Melee side of the tournament was heavily tweeted out by Nintendo's new NintendoVS Twitter account. That's fantastic news for Melee fans.

Unfortunately for Plup, one of their tweets signified his loss to Hungrybox in the grand finals. After a 3-2 set, Plup reset the bracket. The second set was entirely different from the first, and Hbox 3-0'd Plup. 

Coaching really pays off.

​​Winning a tournament on your birthday is definitely the way to celebrate!