chocopouet on Reddit has shared an interesting statistic from leagueofgraphs about teams on the red and blue sides of the map. After the 10-ban system was implemented, the win rate of teams who start on the blue side has jumped to almost 55 percent.


It may not look like much, but in a game where even the smallest advantages can mean the difference between winning your promos or being stuck in whatever elo hell you find yourself in, that five percent could mean a lot more than you think.

Historically, the blue side has always held a marginal win rate advantage over the red side, but the difference was never great enough to inspire action. However, the recent spike in win rate difference is quite intriguing. 

Some players have theorized that it's a result of the 10-ban system, which favors blue side since blue has first pick. We'd need to compare it with some blue side first pick data before we can give any credit to this theory.

Another speculation is that carry top laners are meta right now. Players claim that due to the symmetry of the lane bushes, ganking top and snowballing that lane is much easier for the blue-side jungler than the red-side jungler. But this idea also seems a little unfounded.


It seems the most likely cause of this discrepancy in win ratio actually is not due to the 10-ban system (although that may play a small part), but to the newly reworked Rift Herald that was recently introduced. 

While the terrain of Summoner's Rift may be equally symmetrical, the objectives contained within them are not. Blue side always has the objective advantage over the Baron pit while red has priority on dragon. 

Before, Rift Herald was practically a non-factor, but this new camp is a powerful ally and gives a serious early-game objective advantage that can be snowballed into a secure win.


It's not a certain explanation, but we feel that given the fact that blue side consistently takes more Rift Heralds than the red team more than likely has something to do with blue finding more wins.

Photos courtesy of leagueofgraphs and Riot Games