Bronson "DaShizWiz" Layton is one of the top Falco players in Smash but has caused controversy in the community due to his history of violence and criminal record.

DaShizWiz was arrested and charged with "assault, battery, disorderly conduct, and trespassing" in January 2016, but has since returned the community, participating in smaller events and streaming.

However, Michael "MikeHaze" Pulido and others were not so accepting of his return.

This, as a portion of his Twitter rant Wednesday afternoon, revealed DaShizWiz's criminal record as having a felony charge and urged the community to prevent him from attending tournaments.

DaShizWiz responded almost immediately via TwitLonger, for he had a number of things to say regarding his past and the tweets by MikeHaze and other professionals in the community.

He starts out with admitting his past mistakes of violence and addressing a number of problems he had caused in the past, saying that he is "ashamed for a lot that has happened up till now."

For his incident at the gas station, he noted "I was put on a years worth of probation. Where I am forced to do 2 drug screens (urine test) twice a month. I was also made to attend 14 Group classes of Anger Management and also including Substance Abuse treatment."

He has since finished these classes, which he tweeted out proof shortly after his post.

The post didn't stop there though. DaShizWiz went on to explain the full situation of Mimi's house, which appears to be his word against theirs at this point.

He finally addresses the supposed felony charge that MikeHaze brought up and shared with the world, stating:

"It is very easy to violate probation. I explained that I was speeding in my mom's car... and since I am on probation the car was searched and they found my moms pills. I was taken to jail and charged with a violation of probation and a felony charge of drug possession... my mom to send the courts her prescription for the pills... and then I was released from jail, and my felony charge was dropped."

It is true that violating probation can be easy for someone with an extensive criminal record, and it appears that this information regarding the dropped felony is truthful.

Regardless of his past, his claims of "I am changed man" appear to be supported by the steps he has taken since the incident in February.

He is doing his best to remain transparent and urges anyone with questions or concerns to message him directly.