​Following the prize money controversy from spawned by a tweet made by Casper "cadiaN" Møller, E-FragTV released a statement on its Twitter account defending their honor and apologizing for failed promises and delayed responses.

The plot thickens as E-FragTV claims their communications with the tournament's sponsor, Azubu, uncovered the streaming company "do not have the funds" to pay for the prize money, event organizers and many months of contractual funds. They continued by saying Azubu's lack of funds is inconsistent with Azubu's recent acquisition of the ​several million dollar company Hitbox. 

E=FragTV went on to reinforce their "full commitment to pay any prize pool we promise any team," and swore to pay out of their pocket if Azubu doesn't come forth soon. 

It's looking pretty doubtful Azubu will, too. According to an article on ​Dot Esports, the staggering streaming service is being "drip-fed by its investor who, according to a Wall Street Journal report, is in deep financial trouble again.

The tweet ends with an apology and a promise to reveal all information about the case once a resolution is found.

The response from E-FragTV came as a result of cadiaN tweeting this out yesterday:

E-FragTV was responsible for distributing the prize money for The World Championships 2016 at the end of the event, funded by Azubu.

Photo courtesy of E-FragTV