Super Smash Bros Wii U has its counterpart to Melee's MIOM Top 100 in the form of the Panda Global Rankings. The PGR has been the definitive ranking system for Smash 4's competitive scene, and similar to the MIOM ranking, the ranking is released in parts.

Panda Global just released their first video in their top 50 ranking v3, detailing the first ten players, ranking 41-50 for the beginning half of 2017: 

​​These first ten players of the 2017 Panda Global Rankings shouldn't be incredibly surprising for fans of the scene. 

One of the biggest reappearances who didn't appear in PGR v2 is the first player on the ranking. Barely making it at No. 50 is crowd-pleasing Ness main Freddie "Omar" Williams.

FOW wasn't on PGR v2 due to inactivity, and the last time he was ranked on PGR v1 he was #12. This huge drop-off could be due to his inactivity, but regardless, it's good to see him back on the PGR.

The other big name appearing in this portion of the PGR is Tyrell "Nakat" Coleman. Similarly to FOW, he did not appear on PGR v2, so it's good to see him back. He went from No. 34 on PGR v1 to No. 42 on PGR v3. It'll be interesting to see Nakat's improvement moving forward.

The PGR v3 reveal is far from over, so keep an eye out for the new videos as the full PGR is released in the coming weeks on the ​Panda Global YouTube channel.