OpTic tries very hard to act as an organized esports team, but time and time again we see them make round-changing mistakes stemming from easily-avoidable problems in communication and chemistry. One such time happened when Tarik "tarik" Celik threw a molotov in palace while James "hazed" Cobb was creeping behind them. 

Did hazed communicate he was in palace? If so, did tarik listen?

Another weird occurrence happened in this round that adds to ​Valve's long list of unfixed bugs. The last place we need to be seeing them uncovered though is during a Major qualifier sponsored by the developers themselves.

Watch how just before tarik threw the devastating molotov, he threw a reasonably-placed grenade to kill the Renegades' Noah "Nifty" Francis.

​​The laundry list of problems grows. This isn't the only problem we see Valve needing to fix. 3kliksphilip released a video recently about some of the issues plaguing CS:GO in which he surprisingly managed to maintain composure in throughout the whole video. Props to him.

The embarrassing molotov just compounds OpTic's long string of minor mishaps preventing them from growing. I hope the NA team gets a handle on themselves soon. What a strange round.