​With The International coming up, some fans may be wondering just what team they should be rooting for. Whether their conditions are tournament wins, or the roster of personalities on a team, viewers have many variables that go into their chosen prospects for hopeful victors.

Some people who are new to the scene may be clueless about what the teams are about. To remedy this, they might want to head on over to the Team Liquid wiki and catch up on the history of some of the biggest contenders in Dota history.

Or, they could watch this handy video that chronicles one of the biggest teams since their inception.

Jake "SirActionSlacks" Kanner has been a content creator, host, and general funnyman in Dota for a while now, but in a more serious theme, he has created a video that goes over the deep history and personal efforts of OG, the four time Major winning team that received a direct invite.

​​Check the video above to travel back to the past, but you might want to slow down the speed -- Slacks talks really fast.