​The International makes waves each year with its list of invited teams; organizations who have shown exemplary skill in Dota 2 over the past few months, as well as defending champions. This list leaves little to debate, apart from the most diehard fans who want to argue about relevancy.

However, this puts the teams who qualify and are not as well known on the backburner in the public eye. This is an oversight that should not linger, as Wings Gaming was a team that came from the shadows to take home to gold.

With that said, Fnatic is not so forgotten in Dota. They managed to come in fourth place at last year's TI, so there is a good amount of fortune in the organization. However going into the 2017 tournament, most of the roster is different, with Ohaiyo being the sole veteran.

In addition, a lot of the roster change is very recent, with QO, DJ, and Ahjit joining just under three months ago. With QO and Febby in the team, there seems to be a tiny spark of Korean Dota coming into the tournament, to truly pad out its "international" tagline.

Under this current roster, Fnatic has not been having much success. Playing and losing mostly qualifiers for the past half year, their only big achievement is a semifinal placement at Zotac Cup Masters in June. In this tournament, they lost to Team NP in the group stage, but managed to beat Digital Chaos -- both teams who have also qualified to TI this year.

However, in the International Main Qualifiers for the SEA region, they nearly totally dominated the competition, going 7-2 in the group stage, and 2-0 both of their playoff matches. This gives the impression that although they underperform against international teams, Fnatic are most definitely a top SEA team, and are one of the best to represent the region at TI.

Only time will tell just how the team will perform at The International. Perhaps the organizational luck will persevere this year, as The International has been home to some large upsets.