​The final day of the PGL Major qualifiers came to a conclusive end Sunday, and with it a host of interesting teams slid through to the PGL Major Krakow finals. 

The match results are as follows:

  • ​PENTA 16:8 Vega (Train)
  • TyLoo 11:16 Hellraisers (Overpass)
  • Dignitas 16:14 Renegades (Mirage)
  • GODSENT 14:16 Immortals (Cobblestone)
  • Cloud9 16:3 Flipsid3 (Mirage)
  • BIG 16:10 Liquid (Train)
  • Hellraisers 13:16 Immortals (Overpass)
  • Dignitas 5:16 Vega (Inferno)
  • Liquid 23:25 Flipsid3 (Mirage)

Cloud9 absolutely demolished Flipsid3 today on Mirage after a terrifying show of prowess and dominance. They ended the first half 12-3 without Flipsid3 scoring another point after that. We saw a pure show of skill from Cloud9 here.

BIG continued to upset the tournament by pulling ahead of Team Liquid today, but not before taking a lot of hits today from the American teams at the start. The German team took back their dignity and won seven straight rounds in a row in the first half though, with Fatih "gob b" Dayik crushing it in several rounds. 

BIG then threw together a fantastic second half on defense to end out the map.

Vega also upset Dignitas with a crushing loss for the British organization after winning such a close match against Renegades. Nikolay "mir" Bityukov blew through Dignitas in today's map with a K/D split of +11. 

Flipsid3 and Liquid started off the map with a close scoreline throughout the game and moved to an overtime matchup, staying very tense even through overtime. This was the most tense game of the day by far and made for a great match to end the qualifiers. 

Several clutch rounds from both teams kept tensions high, but eventually FlipSid3 pulled through in the third overtime.

The PGL Majors begin on July 16 in Krakow, Poland. For more information, check out their ​website.

Photo courtesy of PGL