​D.Va cosplay video that opens with a butt shot? Standard stuff for the Internet. However, this one goes in a very unexpected direction shortly after starting. 

​​I don't think anyone expected the cosplayer to a dude, especially not after that kind of intro. I guess if you've got it, you should rock it. 

Can we take some time to appreciate how nice the outfit is too? I've seen some pretty terrible D. Va cosplays, but the body suit here is spot on and he's also done some nice work with the makeup and the wig as well. 

That's an impressive amount of dedication to the character, though it'd be interesting to see if he could whip up a MEKA too. Might be too big to pilot it though, he looks just a tad larger than D. Va. 

And just in case you can't figure out what he's saying, it's "winky face." You're welcome.