​Week 5 marked the start of crunch time for teams looking at playoffs, and a last chance before the Rift Rivals break to show what you're made of. Some teams will be going into the break happy with their performance, while others will certainly need to use the time to reinvent themselves. 


Phoenix1 2-1 Immortals

FlyQuest 2-1 Echo Fox

Team EnVyUs 2-1 Team Dignitas

Team Liquid 0-2 Counter Logic Gaming

MikeYeung is a God

Phoenix1 needed to make a serious change to their roster if they wanted a chance to avoid relegation, and Mike "MikeYeung" Yeung is starting to look like he's the change they needed. His Nidalee proved to be devastatingly effective against Immortals, as he went deathless in Game 2 and had a crucial double kill to stop a Baron attempt in Game 3. 

If today's match was the start of something good for P1, it was a herald of Immortals' struggles. They've now lost possession of first place and dropped a game to the team at the bottom of the standings -- not a good sign. 

Are FlyQuest Coming Back?

It's still too early to say if FlyQuest have recovered their debut form, but the team has been looking better the longer the split's gone on. Today's victory against Echo Fox marks a rare 2-0 week for the team, though it certainly wasn't without its issues. 

Game 2 was a near loss, and only excellent shotcalling by Hai around Baron was able to save the day. 

Despite the problems, FLY were still able to pull out a win in Game 3 to clinch the series. If the team has really found their wings again, they may be able to climb into playoff contention. 

CLG Rise

With Immortals falling from grace and Team SoloMid starting to slip as well, Counter Logic Gaming look perfectly placed to fill the void. Their victory over Cloud9 earlier this week was impressive, but their match against Team Liquid today was almost more incredible. They didn't just beat TL, they dismantled them in two very short games. 

Sure, Liquid hasn't been good this split, but the sheer ease of which CLG were able to win spells good things for their playoff run. 

Rift Rivals is this week, meaning that the NA LCS will resume on July 14.

Photo courtesy of lolesports