It's always entertaining and oddly satisfying to watch a fellow gamer's Widowmaker play of the game where they rack up several consecutive headshot kills. But once in a while, one kill alone is awesome enough to warrant a reaction.

Such is the case with the following shot, which caused the undoubtedly shocked and confused victim to comment, "nice hacks."

Can we stop for a moment and appreciate the irony of a Sombra player falsely accusing another gamer of hacking? She's supposed to be the master hacker!

In all seriousness, this snipe made by jackk445 on Reddit is the stuff of legends. You can tell by the way the player waited patiently, they have a really good concept of Sombra's walking speed while she's invisible. With a bit of luck, the shot met its mark.

While this type of snipe isn't unheard of, it's one of the best out there on the web. Widowmaker players have to beat those stereotypes one bullet at a time.

Photo courtesy of  jackk445