​It seems like every other discussion thread in the Overwatch sections on Battle.net and Reddit contain players crying out for a nerf to Tracer, Genji, Pharah, Winston, or D.Va. Very few of these gamers are able to pinpoint any specific issue with said characters, and nerf ideas typically ​range from bad to worse.

The real issue isn't the individual characters, but rather, the currently overwhelming power of dive composition. Agile heroes rule the day, and while that can make for some fun games, it also limits the usefulness of a significant portion of the hero roster.

Anchors Reinhardt and Orisa are left in the dust. It's true that Orisa needs buffs in general, but I can't recall a time when Reinhardt wasn't a top tier pick in competitive Overwatch. The defense heroes are nearly useless in all but the most capable of hands. It's odd that the characters who are supposed to be best at stopping offense heroes in their tracks are so bad at it.

One Reddit thread entitled, "​Roadhog's under-appreciated," pointed out that the pig man was an excellent bodyguard for teams, being able to punish careless players for being caught out of position. With many characters possessing some manner of escape ability, Roadhog's inability to hook and one-shot the vast majority of Overwatch's cast often results in a catch-and-release instead of an elimination.

The tendency for Roadhog players to destroy flankers kept them nervous and stopped them from walking all over a team. In the current meta, there is a lot less to stop that from happening. Crowd control is situational and hard to land on a good DPS. Just think about how many Genji and Tracer players are unfazed by the sight of an enemy Mei.

As of this instant, the ​best counter to dive comp is Sombra, but using her effectively requires team coordination that is beyond most skill tiers in competitive Overwatch. Blizzard would do well to make sure ​the next hero is capable of countering dive composition in some manner, and they may need to reconsider their Roadhog nerf.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment