​Week 5 of the NA Summer Split was hype for two reasons: first because of the impressive matches and second because all but two series went to all three games. The standings by the end of the week are as follows:

Week 5 Results:

Cloud9 2-1 Team SoloMid

Phoenix1 2-1 Team EnVyUs

Team SoloMid 2-0 Immortals

Counter Logic Gaming 2-1 Cloud9

Team Dignitas 1-2 FlyQuest

Echo Fox 2-1 Team Liquid

Phoenix1 2-1 Immortals

FlyQuest 2-1 Echo Fox

Team EnVyUs 2-1 Team Dignitas

Team Liquid 0-2 Counter Logic Gaming

This week was the fight between the top teams for first place, with some other spicy matches mixed in.

Going into this week, Immortals held first place, with TSM and CLG tied for second and C9 holding onto fourth. Exiting this week, C9 stay in fourth but they were the hurdle that tripped TSM and the springboard that sent CLG into first. 

These matches between the top teams didn't really clear anything up as the standings are still so close. It is midway through the split, and it's nice to see such a lively fight for first place.

The spicy matches of this week were the bottom tier teams fighting their way up in the standings. P1 got to jet off to Europe for Rift Rivals with a 2-0. This will bring their record to 3-7, which may not look impressive, but keep in mind that one of those wins was against Immortals. I predict the rise of P1 in the coming weeks.

Another team that walked away with a 2-0 is FlyQuest, who now also have a 3-7 record. If playoffs from the Spring Split taught us anything, it's that FlyQuest can turn things around. Also, we're in for an exciting second half of the split.