​This year, Super Smash Bros. titles have experienced a timeslot reversal at EVO. EVO 2016 featured Melee finals on Sunday, at the Mandalay Bay, with the other headline games like Street Fighter V. Super Smash Bros Wii U finals were featured on Saturday, at around noon.

This year, things are a little bit different, and many Melee fans have been quick to voice their disapproval for the change.


​​Melee will finish up on Saturday, making it a two-day event and denying it a main stage spot. Smash 4, on the other hand, will enjoy a well-deserved Sunday slot on the Mandalay Bay stage. The Wii U game is ​set to go on just before Street Fighter V.

Melee's timeslot, though not a Sunday finals event, will get the most "prime-time" slot possible on Saturday:

​​Melee fans may be disappointed by the lack of the huge Sunday stage, but EVO 2017 is definitely showing Melee respect by giving it the last slot of the day. Regardless of how you may feel, EVO 2017 will still be a huge event to watch for Smash fans, no matter what game you may prefer.