3 Reasons Why SK Gaming Will Win ESL One Cologne 2017

SK Gaming will win ESL One Cologne. There's no way around it. The Brazilian team are on fire as of late, winning IEM Sydney, ECS S3 Finals, DreamHack Summer, and cs_summit. FaZe, Fnatic, and North may come close, but there's no stopping SK. Here are three reasons why Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo's team will come out on top: 

3. No Astralis

Astralis already announced their intentions to skip ESL One Cologne 2017 on Twitter in April. While SK did defeat the Danes at the ECS S3 Finals in London, Astralis are still the reigning Major champions. With them not in attendance, this makes winning easier for everybody, especially SK.

2. They've Torn Through Recent Tournaments

The Brazilians have claimed the DreamHack Summer, IEM Sydney, cs_summit, and ECS Season 3 titles. Some battles leading to these victories were hard-fought, but SK pushed through and stole the hearts of millions by taking these victories. If their recent form is anything to write home about, you might as well just pencil them in to take this title as well.

1. fer Looks Unstoppable

While Marcelo "coldzera" Davis is always in contention for world's best player, Fernando "fer" Alvarenga was an absolute monster at the ECS S3 Finals. He earned HLTV's MVP award for the event, as well as the praise from esports historian Duncan "Thorin" Shields. If you thought shutting down coldzera was hard, try shutting down cold and fer. GLHF!

Photo courtesy of SK Gaming, ESL, YouTube and Dot Esports