The European Overwatch Contenders Season Zero playoffs were anything but a settled match. eUnited showed just why they are to be feared by the rest of the competition, coming away with a win in the grand finals against 123.

The Winners:

  • 1st: eUnited
  • 2nd: 123
  • 3rd-4th: Laser Kittenz, Bazooka Puppiez
  • 5th-6th: Team Singularity, Rest in Pyjamas
  • 7th-8th: Movistar Riders, Misfits


  • 9th-12th: ​Team Expert, Vivi's Adventure, Alfa Squad, Team eSports Cyberathletes
  • 13th-16th: GamersOrigin, Ninjas With Attitude, Cyclowns, ESPORATI

What's Next

The top eight teams from the Season Zero playoffs will go face-to-face with each other once again when Season One begins the week of August 14. This time around, all of the matches will be streamed live.


Also, The stakes are being raised. With Season One's prize pool of $100,000, winning first place will grant the team $50,000.

Sombra Was No Joke

Once regarded as a troll pick in competitive Overwatch and completely unheard of in tournaments, Sombra has been gaining momentum in the esports world – not exactly as a DPS hero, but surprisingly, as a support. Many teams, including Laser Kittenz and eUnited, opted to run Lúcio and Sombra.

Using this tactic, the Sombra player is able to have their EMP ready for every team fight without fail. With EMP a more effective counter to dive comp than anything, it's a ballsy tactic – one that has gained significant momentum since its initial success in OGN Apex Season 3.

123 Were a Surprise

One of the more unique aspects of Overwatch Contenders is its openness to teams who lack an official sponsor. 123, a new and sponsor-less team, may not remain as such for much longer. They dominated right up until the grand finals against eUnited.

​According to, their current rating is No. 2 in Europe (after eUnited, of course) and No. 13 in the world.

A Communal Sigh of Frustration
Many of Overwatch's esports fans are more than a little annoyed with the tournament management. With questionable rules, bad streaming hours, and many matches not available to watch on any stream at all, fans are a little upset.

​​The fiasco is even worse in Europe, where one qualifying team was forced to disband in the middle of group stage.