​A hilarious Overwatch animation has been created by YouTube channel "dopatwo" and showcases a typical match in the eyes of a Hanzo player. Wacky and weird, this video is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Ever since the game's release, Hanzo has received a notorious reputation as being the most hated hero in the entire game. This partly comes down to the character's ability to land seemingly impossible headshots from a long distance as well as the notion that most people who play him are generally jerks who refuse to change heroes to help their team.

Even whilst receiving all of this hate from the community, Hanzo is strong in the right hands.
​In actuality, he's one of the most balanced heroes in the game, with his lack of mobility or defensive abilities compensating for his high damage.

When playing Hanzo, you can sometimes feel like you're at the butt of a community joke - which is exactly what dopatwo has captured in this amazing animation.