​German mid laner for EU LCS team Misfits, Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage, has revealed his reasoning behind an usual build path for Lux, which involves picking up Archangel's Staff and Nashor's Tooth in favor of popular items Morellonomicon and Luden's Echo.

As explained by PowerOfEvil, the new build offers a solution to the mana problems faced by Lux whilst providing her with a reliable source of damage late in the game. The current meta build has reliability issues, which PowerofEvil describes, "If you miss your spell or enemy player dodges then you are doomed since your CDs are really high and you cant provide anything besides the shield."

PowerOfEvil's build provides additional late game cooldown reduction and consistent damage as well as an active shield from Seraph's Embrace. On the downside, it provides less magic penetration and early cooldown reduction as well as missing Grievous Wounds.


PowerOfEvil has been spotted playing the unusual Lux build on his Challenger account, which is currently ranked 37th on the European servers. He has also been spotted buying Rod of Ages as a core item into Nashor's Tooth on multiple champions including Orianna and Kog'Maw.

With PowerOfEvil known as being one of the best mid laners in Europe, it'll be interesting to see whether he tries out his weird builds on the LCS stage.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Riot Games, OP.GG