​Blizzard Entertainment's hugely popular shooter, Overwatch, needs an addition and update to its current competitive system: keep the current ranked system as a flex or party ranked queue and add in a solo/duo option as a separate queue.

The current ranked system allows players to queue up with a full team of friends to play competitive games that affect their own individual competitive score rankings. This leads to a problem whereas players can climb higher than their own skill levels due to the actions of their pre-made teammates.


Another issue with the current ranked system is that solo queued players will sometimes find themselves in a game against a fully pre-made enemy team, putting them at a major disadvantage in the match.

At the start of 2017, League of Legends encountered the same problem and introduced a solution through the addition of a flex queue alongside a solo/duo queue, each with their own individual rankings. This strategy separates the individually skilled players from the players who play better when in a team environment.


In order to ensure that the competitive rankings in the game are fair and accurate, Overwatch seriously needs to consider separating their player base into filtered queues so as to ensure that each match is balanced.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment, Kotaku, TechnoBuffalo