​It looks like Justin Wong has a new blonde and snobby character in his arsenal. Canada Cup Vancouver may not be on the Capcom Pro Tour radar, but it does tend to bring out top North American talent who use the opportunity to experiment.

​​Justin Wong's experiment looks to be a success as he won the entire tournament playing Ed throughout the top 8. A combination of character unfamiliarity and Justin Wong's playstyle may be the reason for the win.

Jwong is known for a defensive style, which in Street Fighter V is a philosophy that tends to lead to disaster in a game where defensive options are limited. Justin and some others, however, believe that the character's true potential relies on defense. Kevin "Di3mini0n" Landon, another defense specialist, also debuted Ed at NLBC last week to moderate success.

Wong also had an extra incentive to win. Evo will be the real test for his new character.