​Roadhog is dead. And, it's not even close to debatable. On the other hand, Winston and D.Va are very much the heroes of choice as they dominate the field. Most people knew that dive meta was already present as the best composition at this time, but the death of Roadhog surely cemented it, according to the meta report by OmnicMeta. 

According to the report, Winston and D.Va, who were already very popular, have actually soared even higher in popularity with the nerf of Roadhog, previously one of the best counters to dive. Now that Roadhog is out of the picture, dive compositions are able to go uncontested, leaving McCree as the last remaining counter to the team composition. 

Because of this, Winston and D.Va use are both up a minimum of 15 percent at higher tiers, with an astounding 29 percent increase in Winston use at Grandmaster. 

Reinhardt is sharing Roadhog's decline in popularity, seeing a 5-20 percent decline across the board. Reaper and McCree both have seen an increase in play due to their buffs, but the popularity of Genji, Tracer, and Soldier: 76 ensure that these dive heroes remain dominate. 

For players hoping that there would be a shift away from dive with the surge in Reaper and McCree play, you will have to keep hoping for a little longer. It is quite clear that these heroes are remaining the strongest choices, regardless of the plausible counters that exist. 

To view the full report by OmnicMeta, ​click here

Photo courtesy of Dot Esports