Tempo Storm is mainly known for its solid Melee roster, containing players like Johnny "S2J" Kim and Jeffery "Axe" Williamson. Now, it seems they've once again expanded their ranks to that of Street FIghter V.

To kick it off, they've grabbed Alex Myers as their first player. Alex Myers is also known for his content creation. He creates various guides for newcomers as one of the key members of Cross Counter TV YouTube channel.

That said, his skill in-game is nothing to scoff at either. He carried multiple top 8 performances in 2016 proving that he could find great success with Cammy.

​Myers stated that he chose to join Tempo Storm because of their rigorous work ethic and the similarity in the team's goals to his own. Hopefully, with the aid and added push of being backed by an organization, Myers will grow even more as a player.