If you're a League fan, you've probably seen the champion spotlight for Kayn and are either hyped or waiting to uninstall with the new champion on its way. Many fans have already proclaimed their love and state they will main him.

So while the bandwagon is here, Riot's released a bad ass short story and biography on Kayn.

Kayn was a child soldier. Forced to fight or die in a war he did not want to be part of, he survived and was discovered by Zed. He was taken into the Order of Shadow, trained, and groomed to slaughter using the weapon of his choice: fear. While he learned to use every weapon at his disposal, fear was his favorite. 

His story leads to where we see Kayn and Rhaast today. The fight between two opposing forces: one hellbent on destruction, and the other hellbent on surpassing his master. Rhaast's influence is one of slow corruption and domination, and Kayn doesn't even realize it.