Day 1 of ESL One Cologne has been a mash up of upsets, great matches, and one of the longest sets in ESL One history. Let's take a look at how things are shaping up:

Round 1​

mousesports 16:11 Fnatic

FaZe Clan 16:14 Heroic

Sk Gaming 14:16 Space Soldiers

Immortals 16:12

Tyloo 9:16 G2 Esports

NiP 16:12 Cloud9

North 9:16 OpTic Gaming

Na'Vi  7:16 Team Liquid

Round 2

Sk Gaming 16:9

Fnatic 16:6 Heroic

North 16:6 Tyloo

Space Soldiers 9:16 OpTic Gaming

Na'Vi 34:32 Cloud9

mousesports 16:14 FaZe Clan

Team Liquid 19:15 Immortals

NiP 16:6 G2 Esports


NiP - 2-0

mousesports - 2-0

Optic Gaming - 2-0

Team Liquid - 2-0

G2 Esports - 1-1

Immortals - 1-1

FaZe Clan - 1-1

Space Soldiers - 1-1

SK Gaming - 1-1

Na'Vi - 1-1

North - 1-1

Fnatic- 1-1

Heroic - 0-2 - 0-2

Tyloo - 0-2

Cloud9 - 0-2

There probably aren't a lot of people who could have predicted these teams as the ones to go 0-2 on the day. The new look NiP with Fredrik "REZ" Sterner played amazingly on Day 1.

A surprise upset victory highlighted the first round of the day. Space Soldiers was able to take a win off of one of the world's best teams in SK Gaming, blowing by them in the first half.

Cloud9 and Na'Vi in round two put on a marathon, playing 60+ rounds of CS before Na'Vi sealed the victory. continues to play poorly and have an 0-2 hanging over them going into the rest of the tournament.

More surprises will be in store as the tournament moves into Day 2. At the end of it, two of these unlikely teams will have made it to the playoffs.