Held from July 3-9, teams from all across the globe take on their closest rivals in League of Legends' new event "Rift Rivals," which aims to settle the longstanding arguments between regions as to which region is better.

The tournament sees five separate tournaments, each of which consists of a number of teams from each region battling to see who is greater. Every match will consist of two different regions battling each other, with no teams from the same region fighting their sister teams.

With a large number of teams present at this event, here's what to expect from the debut of this tournament:

Another Tournament Win for SKT

Three-time World Championship winners SK telecom T1 will be playing in the Korea vs. LMS vs. China Tournament, representing Korea's LCK alongside Samsung Galaxy, KT Rolster and MVP. SKT has been able to defeat their opponents from Taiwan and China in the past and this tournament should be nothing more than a warm-up for the 2017 World Championship.

Fnatic Will Be the Strongest Team in the West

Fnatic, who will be representing Europe at Rift Rivals, have been on fire in the EU LCS during the Summer Split and, thanks to underperforming play from G2 Esports, they're looking to be the best team in Europe. Fnatic has had a history of demolishing North America in international events in the past -- with their regained confidence, they may be able to do it again.

It's Going to Be Crazy Fun

Rift Rivals was born out of an argument between regions, which guarantees that it's going to be filled with fierce competition and bad-mannered plays. Every team will be looking to prove their region whilst embarrassing their enemies; what better way to do it than in an event specifically designed for it?

Every Rift Rivals match can be viewed on the​ LoL Esports site, the ​LoL Esports YouTube channel or their ​Twitch Channel.

Cover Photo Courtesy of LoL Esports