The now Weedmaps connoisseur Alex "Alex19" Ruvalcaba might have had a taste of his own medicine. Always known for "bringing the magic,"  Alex was on the receiving end this time from Oscar "Lovage" Nilsson.

Lovage usually known for his signature Fox so it's a treat to see his Sheik landing highlight worthy material.​​

Lovage manages to catch Alex with a falling up air that sets up for a down air to help him convert into an edgeguard. After sending Alex off stage he does a needle turn around and catches Alex with a back air.

​Then reading Alex's recovery option, he responds with another back air, pausing at the exact moment where Alex knew there was no hope left for him. The moment is reminiscent of Joey "Lucky" Aldama's set against Weston "Westballz" Dennis at The Big House 4.

​Somehow Lovage managed to recover from the dark depths of the stage, leaving both Alex and his viewers stunned.

​Consider us impressed.​​