For those not familiar with the rivalry (If you can even call it that) Bryant "Smug" Huggins and ImStillDaDaddy have had some beef in the past. ISDD claimed that he had beat Smug in a money match, but that Smug only reported the matches he won on Twitter.

​ISDD then called Smug out (out of seemingly nowhere) to a $1000 dollar money match in Street FIghter IV​, in which Smug accepted and promptly won the first to ten set 10-8 at the EVO 2015 Salty Suite.

Now it seems ISDD is back to try and reclaim his pride by challenging Smug another money match. The original challenge was for $1000 dollars, but after Smug went to his Twitter followers to ask what he should spend his anticipated money on, ISDD asked to triple the amount.

​The two have agreed to lock their characters so it's confirmed that Smug will be playing his Balrog and ISDD will have to play his Ed for the entirety of the first to ten.

This EVO is shaping up to be quite the spectacle. If you weren't already hype before, a money match this large is certain to leave someone uncontrollable salty in the aftermath.