​The current Overwatch meta is much-maligned by players for lacking diversity and having only a few good compositions available, but that hasn't stopped people from defending it anyways. Winston's Lab, however, has proven that the current state of the game is, in fact, about as stagnant as it gets. 

Winston's Lab writer Barroi discusses the situation ​in an article, using statistical analysis to pull out the play percentages of the top 10 team compositions. Essentially, he asks how often players were likely to use one of the best team compositions in a game on any given patch. 


The January 24 patch had players running a top 10 comp only 34 percent of the time, which means it's been the most diverse patch yet. The least diverse patch? Our current one, which sees players running a top 10 team composition a staggering 75 percent of the time. 


Barroi also breaks down the number of compositions that got played at least one percent of the time. In the January patch, there were 25 such comps. In the current patch, there are only 14.

All of this data allows Barroi to draw the conclusion that the current meta is the least diverse we've ever had, and possibly the meta with the least strategic diversity.