We're not even sure if Doomfist is going to be the next hero, but already people have raised his hype levels to critical mass. Everyone's expecting him to be a super fun hero, but many are discussing the possibility for Doomfist to be good against dive comps. We all hate playing against them, so wouldn't it make sense for Blizzard to make a hero that can stop them?

Quite frankly, the answer is no. If you're expecting Doomfist to be anti-dive, you may want to temper your expectations. 

If anything, Doomfist seems like he'd be good in a dive comp -- he's a big burly brawler with a giant gauntlet, for crying out loud. This isn't the kind of hero you should expect to be sitting on the backlines putting out DPS. 

And if the leaks about Doomfist being a pure melee hero are true, then he really won't be able to fight against dive. After all, if he wants to be taking out enemy DPS heroes and supports, Doomfist will have to be doing the diving himself. 

Don't get me wrong, Doomfist is probably going to be a super cool hero, but lumping meta-fixing aspirations onto the character as well is just wishful thinking. Blizzard will fix the meta problem they way they've done before, with buffs and nerfs, not by creating a counter hero.