​With Worlds right around the corner, the Summer Split can be a very stressful time for teams. This high and constant pressure to do well, can burn out teams and players. Rift Rivals offers a a lull, a break from the stress of Spring, a tournament where the only thing you get from winning is bragging rights.

​​Giving teams and players a moment to breathe isn't the only benefit it offers. It also brings together regions. Take North America for example: Immortal, Counter Logic Gaming, and Team SoloMid are, as of Rift Rivals, the top three teams in NA. However, TSM are the only ones out of the three that get to go to Europe.

These teams all want to be the best and secure first place in playoffs. Immortals and CLG should be envious of TSM for going to Rift Rivals because they'll be participating in a tournament that could give them the edge to do better nationally. 

But this isn't the case, both Immortals and CLG have left their own want to be the best at the door, and openly cheered for their competitors TSM. 

It's refreshing to see regions come together and support each other instead of being jealous and petty. And at mid Summer Split, this unity is just what regions need.