Generally, when you make a custom card for Hearthstone, your goal can split into various angles. You can make cards to fit or fix the current meta, shake things up or be completely overpowered which also can serve a greater purpose. 

The custom cards also have a chance to flop, but you take that risk knowing you can improve from it. This custom card, ​Blake Ironbeard, looks to shake things up but does not perform as well as it sounds like it should.


Blake Ironbeard is a seven mana, 6-7 with Battlecry: Swap you weapon's Durability with your Hero's current Health. This is intended to be a late game card and with powerful weapons like GoreHowl, the opponent will be a bad situation. 

If this card did make it into meta and supported a weapon and armor warrior, there would be counter cards pulled up in each deck. Already Taunt Warrior brought the resurgence of Acidic Swamp Ooze.